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Crashed Car
Top of Accident/Crash


Every case is unique and different and I will apply my in-depth, specialist knowledge to meet your exact needs. Simply put, protecting your rights is what I do best.

Did you get into a crash or injured on your motorcycle?

What to do if you are involved in a crash...


  • Dial 911! Call the police.

  • Obtain immediate medical treatment if necessary. 

  • If possible, take pictures of all vehicles/damages/license plates, tow trucks, and law enforcement officers.

  • Take pictures of all traffic control devices - traffic signs, signals, crosswalks, etc.

  • Take pictures of skid marks – where they begin and end and measure the length by walking alongside, (never walk on top of the skid marks). Walk from heel to toe. 

  • Document the weather condition. Make note of the sky and ground. 

  • Document witnesses, take pictures if possible. Include names, addresses, statements, and with permission use the cell phone recorder to record statements. 

  • Never admit fault to anyone! An investigation will uncover who is at fault! 

  • Never discuss your past driving history!



Provide all evidence collected to your lawyer.  Our investigators will arrive and access the scene as soon as possible if feasible. Traffic scenes change over time. An immediate investigation is key. 


Accident General Overview

  1.  Accident/Medical Treatment

  2. Information intake.

  3. Investigation.

  4. Attorney notifies insurance company that you are represented!


Finally - Documents are submitted to the insurance company and there is either a settlement or a trial. 


Do Not talk to the insurance company without a lawyer!


Auto Insurance Synopsis

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) - Covers You and those in your vehicle (more Info available on the Fla Law page)

Bodily Injury (BI) – Covers another person or persons when you are at fault

Property Damages (PD) – Covers damages to other people when you are at fault, also legal defense

Uninsured/Underinsured (UN/UM) - Covers YOU

COMPREHENSIVE Coverage – Non-accident coverage such as fire, theft, flood, vandalism, hail 

COLLISION Coverage – Covers your vehicle during an accident, usually has a deductible

GAP Insurance -  Covers the difference between loan value and actual value

STACKED Insurance – Doubles your UN/UM if you have more than 1 vehicle


Fla Statute 627.736 – Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

- Florida mandates you carry a minimum of $10K PIP and $10K for property damage

- Covers 80% of your medical bills and 60% salary/lost wages

- Property Damages pays for other person’s damages you caused when you are deemed at fault. 

- You can possibly blow through the PIP $10K if you are admitted overnight!

- Does not cover motorcycles


Fla Statute 324.021 (7), Florida Financial Responsibility Law

- Insurance agents don’t speak much about this law 

- If you are “At FAULT” in an accident YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE:

- Minimum $10K Bodily Injury insurance per person/$20K per accident and $10K for property damage. 


I didn’t have this coverage, now what? 

Florida license privileges have a suspension of up to 3 years. You may also be required to make payments for anything you owe in property damages and bodily injury before you get your license back – OUCH!!! 


NOTE: In Florida 1 out of every 4 motorists do not have insurance.


GET Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage – STACKED!!!!!!!


Why do you need an attorney to represent you in an accident?

The insurance company has attorneys that represent them.  YOU need a lawyer with traffic accident training and experience representing you.  



Accidents vary in extent and injuries caused may not be evident immediately.


Slip and Falls

If you or a loved one is injured in South Florida, a skilled personal injury lawyer can help.


Purchasing Real Estate for personal use or investment is a vast money transaction that an attorney should be involved with.


Wrongful Death

Wrongful death cases include fatal injuries/death, drunk driving accidents, negligence, and recklessness. Let me represent you.


Social Security

Maximizing benefits and helping in the follow-up of your claim and advising on what to do to qualify is my priority.


Florida Law

Do you know the law when lending your vehicle? Are you familiar with Florida's personal injury protection or financial responsibility?

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