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Florida Workers' Compensation

Injured recently at work? Contact a workers' comp lawyer who can help you get through a claim or lawsuit.

Florida Worker’s Compensation - Florida Statute 440.


Basic Florida Worker’s Comp Rules are:

Florida has a no-fault system for benefits if you were hurt on the job even if you were somewhat responsible for the incident that caused the injury or accident.  Exemptions do apply. 


Your Rights:

  1. Right to medical treatment.

  2. Right to a one-time change in a medical doctor.

  3. Right to lost wages.

  4. Right to file a lawsuit for retaliation. 

  5. Right to hire an attorney to represent you!


Florida Worker’s Compensation Process

  1. There isn’t a Jury in a worker's comp case. 

  2. Must report the injury within 30 days.

  3. When a petition is filed for worker’s comp benefits a mediation must be held within 130 days after filing the petition. At the mediation, your attorney will represent you and present your case. 

  4. If an agreement cannot be reached at mediation, a hearing will be held in front of the Judge of compensation claims within 90 days after the mediation conference. 

  5. At the hearing, your case will be presented to the Compensation Judge along with evidence. The insurance company will also have a lawyer representing their interest. 

  6. After the hearing, the compensation judge will enter a compensation order within 30 days of the hearing. 


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Florida Workers' Comp



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Injured recently at work? Contact a workers' comp lawyer who can help you get through a claim or law suit.


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